We make ridiculously good meat.

Vow is a diverse, cross-functional team of innovators, engineers, scientists, artists and most importantly, foodies! We’re reinventing food from the ground up to make it more delicious and sustainable for everyone.

This is how we do it:

Cell curation

We cultivate the perfect combination of cells for their ability to self renew, and for ideal flavour, texture, and aromas.


Prepare and

We add essential micronutrients that help create a tasty textured meat profile. It’s like your favourite recipe, but at a molecular level, providing quality, purity, and consistency better than any meat. Ever.

Pure nurture

This is when we really get cooking. We place the cells inside our climate-controlled cultivators - creating a natural course of forming muscle, fat, and connective tissue in the safest way possible.


We package them into a range of branded consumer products.

This is our Vow. The moment we’ve all been hoping, working, and dreaming toward. A curated range of tasty, meat options with different flavour profiles for you to cook, serve, dine, and to be delighted by!

There are many reasons why cultured meats make sense, but our approach is different from every other company.

We produce meat that is uniquely delicious, highly nutritious, sustainable, and, ultimately, affordable. We don’t want to replace the meat we eat; we want to add new and delicious meats we don’t currently have access to.

Our team is constantly scouring the earth

Our platform can grow the cells of any animal to scale, so we’re constantly scouring the earth for unique cells or combination of cells to inspire great new products and even better eating experiences.

Our blend of breakthrough science and automation let’s us see more in the cells

Our unique combination of cell biology, robotics, and software engineering lets us decipher information contained at the deepest level of the cell faster than anyone else - where the keys to new flavour, texture and nutrition have been hidden until now.

The best of the best are

Stored in our cell library

The best cells for food are stored in our proprietary multi-species cell library. Over time we'll gather hundreds of possible combinations, which form the building blocks of future products.

This is the foundation of

New food design

This is the foundation of new food design. We're making products for every occasion, from fine dining to your local supermarket.

Why Vow makes sense

Sustainable food. Now.

• Feeding ten billion people becomes reality. Fast.
• More meat on the menu, without needing more land.

Embracing the food we love

• Celebrations and rituals of food are varied, deep, and essential to who we are.
• More options for different consumers, with different needs, anywhere in the world.
• Trends in tastes, desires and circumstances change. Our cell library provides for that future.

Better food, better living.

• More delicious and nutritious food options for everyone.
• Getting food down to an exact science means reliable and delicious quality every time, everywhere.

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