We make really, really good food

Vow is a collective of innovators, engineers, scientists, artists and foodies working to improve the quality of life for people, animals and planetary health, by reinventing food from the ground up.

We're on a mission

To make sustainable food both irresistible and available
to billions of people.

We create real and delicious meat from cells, instead of breeding and killing animals. Six weeks is all it takes from a handful of cells to plating the finished meal. It’s a logical and considerate alternative from which more people enjoy the highest quality meat.


Feed 10 billion

Our future population needs
50% more food than we’re
able to produce today.

We need reliable production
methods that give us
security and control.

A healthier world is one
where more people can
access quality nutritious

Preserve the earth

Today’s food system places
a heavy burden on our

We need an alternative to
clearing more land and
reduced biodiversity.

Greenhouse gases and
land and water pollution are
the price we pay for
following the current path.

Protect human health

When we squeeze higher
production via existing
methods we stress the
system and compromise

There are serious risks
when we push too far and
consequences, like
pandemics, are always
around the corner.

Human and animal welfare

Protein is resource
intensive, and this part of
the system is prone to
poor conditions,
and global human rights issues.

Every year a trillion
animals suffering and
killed is hard to justify,
especially when a more
efficient means of
sourcing that protein is

How does that work?

We select the perfect cells

We search and select the specific types of cell which can self-renew and grow to become meat.


We add the ingredients to nourish them

Cells need essential micronutrients to grow into our tasty, textured and complex finished product

Our understanding of these ingredients at molecular level provides a standard of quality and purity not seen before in food.

We nurture them to readiness

Once inside our cultivators, these cells just follow their natural course of forming muscle, fat and connective tissue.


But it doesn't stop there...

We believe the only way to change the future of food is to master a diversity of options that match needs and desires of different people all over the world. It’s how we’ll make food better than it is today.

We asked ourselves a question that changed everything...

What are the odds that animals we eat today are the best of
two million species available?

Four animals comprise of almost all of the meat we eat, but that’s only 0.02% of our options. Odds are there’s a multitude of factors we can use to make meat better.

We eat the food we do today because we were previously constrained by the animals we could domesticate. Growing meat from the cells of animal let's us bypass the restriction altogether.

So we got exploring

Our team is constantly scouring the earth

Discovering the secrets hidden in creatures we’d never thought to ask. With no harm caused we’re exploring options previously ignored, and raising the odds of making better meat.

Back at home base

We analyse their cells

To decipher information contained at the deepest level - where the keys to new flavour, texture and nutrition have been hidden until now

The best of the best are

Stored in our cell library

Over time we gather hundreds upon hundreds of possible combinations, the building blocks of future meat.

This is the foundation of

New food design

Working with chefs, designers and scientists we tailor our process to construct a new category of food. Doing things from the ground up is the logical way to incorporate novel features into the final plated product.

Why this approach makes sense

A sustainable future of food

• We take animals out of the equation, and their harm and suffering with it.
• The clearing of land for animal farming will ease.
• Feeding ten billion people becomes a reality.

Keeping food human

• Celebrations and rituals of food are varied, deep, and essential to who we are.
• Our approach brings more options to different consumers with different needs anywhere in the world.
• The cell library becomes data source and raw material for meat to adapt over time. As with any lifestyle choice, our tastes, desires and circumstances change, and the library provides for that future.

Food designed to be better

• Higher quality nutritious food becomes cheaper and more accessible, with positive impact on dietary health worldwide.
• Building from cellular level yields an identical product each time. It provides a reliable, consistent quality we’ve never enjoyed before.
• Our controlled process reduces the risk and uncertainty associated with outbreaks and pandemics.

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