Introducing Forged Parfait

When was the last time you tasted something for the first time? By creating food the world has never seen before, Forged brings this feeling to every bite.

For our first product, we wanted to bring a flavour and texture combination together you couldn't get anywhere else; rich umami decadence and melt-in-your-mouth weightlessness. With cultured Japanese quail, we were able to craft this rare pairing.

Forged Parfait will soon be available in Singapore.

Experience Forged

We make unique, delicious meat directly from animal cells.

In a matter of weeks we go from a handful of cells to an abundance of delicious, nutritious and sustainable meat.

We know our planet can only support so much farming without resorting to crazy factory farming or destructive and irreparable habitat loss. It’s time we try something else to take the pressure off of our farmers and our planet to feed our rapidly growing appetites.

Our obsession is creating meat products that taste unlike anything you’ve ever had before, while also being nutritional and sustainable.

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We're making better cultured products

Vow is making a new category of food, driven by fresh thinking.

Assessing ideal cell combinations to create the best products is our strength. We explore where others don’t to find exciting flavours, textures and functions that meat-eaters love and bringing them together in uniquely delicious combinations. The results? A new category of food that is sustainable, abundant, and irresistible.

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We're driven by a mission

A multi-disciplinary team committed to a sustainable future of super delicious meat.

We're a diverse team of scientists, engineers, business leaders and foodies with one thing in common: a shared ambition to make the future of food with our meats. Right now.

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All the buzz about Vow

Why going against the grain is paying off at cultured meat start-up, Vow

Just 3.5 years since being founded, Vow has cut the ribbon at what it claims is the southern hemisphere’s largest cultured meat facility.

Established by George Peppou and Tim Noakesmith, Vow is Australia’s largest cultured meat company and is backed by investors including the NSW government, Blackbird, Square Peg, Grok and Tenacious Ventures.

Vow unveils southern hemisphere’s ‘largest’ cultivated meat facility, plans Singapore launch

Australian alternative protein company Vow has opened what it says is the largest cultivated meat facility in the southern hemisphere, in Alexandria in Sydney.
The Vow Factory 1 will produce “as much as 30 tonnes” of cultivated meat annually. (For reference, the average standard car weighs about 1.5 tons.)
The company says it has started development on Factory 2, which will be “100x larger” than Factory 1.
Vow plans to launch a yet-to-be-named cultivated meat product in Singapore by the end of the year.

The new factory making meat that's illegal to eat

Opening a factory producing food that cannot be legally consumed seems like a risky move. But that’s what George Peppou and Tim Noakesmith did last week,
cutting the ribbon on a multimillion-dollar facility to grow meat from animal cells.
That it was NSW Treasurer Matt Kean who cut the ribbon – and the NSW
government is an investor – gives cell-based meat start-up Vow confidence that the
legal hurdle can be cleared sooner rather than later

246 George Peppou: Vow

Each week, your host Mike Davis brings you inspiring conversations with purpose-driven leaders from our local community.
George is the Founder & CEO of Vow. Vow is a collective of innovators, engineers, scientists, artists and foodies working to improve the quality of life for people, animals and planetary health, by reinventing food from the ground up.

Imitate versus innovate: The case for cell-cultured elephant

If cellular agriculture gives us tools to create entirely new foods, then why are so many companies focused on recreating existing ones? It’s going to be hard to compete with and disrupt factory farming on factory farming’s terms. What if, instead, we play to our strengths and make the kind of products that only cellular agriculture can.

Building Dream Teams at the Frontier of Food - Pt. 2 With Vow

Welcome to the second coming of Vow! Today, we speak with George Peppou and Tim Noakesmith, co-founders of Vow, as well as Ellen Dinsmoor, Vow's Head of Operations, and Samantha Wong, a General Partner at Blackbird Ventures.

This team is revolutionising cuisine by tapping into the vast biosphere of potential foods that humanity has been unable to sustainably farm. Through synthetic biology, they lift this limitation and pave the way for a third agricultural revolution, one that is ethical, abundant, and importantly, irresistibly delicious.

Since our last episode with Vow, they have more than doubled in team size and have continued to crush the technical challenges before them with blistering speed.

Why We Exist

Vow is here to make meat more nutritious, sustainable and available to everyone. We believe that if tasty, healthy meat products are available to all, not only will humans enjoy it and benefit enormously, so will the entire planet. Here are some examples below.

Feed 10 billion?
You’re on.

We can’t keep living the way we do. So, let’s make it better. Future humans need 50% more food than we have now. If we’re going to fix this problem, let’s make it healthier, delicious, and available to everyone.

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Preserve the earth?
From today.

We know our planet can only support so much farming without resorting to destructive factory farming or destructive and irreparable habitat loss. It’s time we try something else to take the pressure off of our farmers and our planet to feed our rapidly growing appetites.

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Protect human health?

Sustainable, open range meat is good for our bodies, and we love that, but increasingly, humans are having to eat factory farmed meat full of growth hormones, additives and unnatural substitutes. Cultured meat presents a healthy, consistent partner to sustainable farming to help feed the growing appetite of our world for meat.

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Human and animal
co-existing? More like co-thriving.

We need protein, and we love animals. We're so reliant on animal based systems that now, at any given moment, there's 100 billion animals in our food system. This can change! By decoupling the meat from the animal, we can now all thrive together.

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