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Making millions: Aussies under-30 on green investment wave

More young business savvy Aussies are stepping up to meet the challenges of climate change – and attracting the attention of leading investment firms.


The Daily Telegraph

Building Dream Teams at the Frontier of Food - Pt. 2 With Vow

Welcome to the second coming of Vow! Today, we speak with George Peppou and Tim Noakesmith, co-founders of Vow, as well as Ellen Dinsmoor, Vow's Head of Operations, and Samantha Wong, a General Partner at Blackbird Ventures.

This team is revolutionising cuisine by tapping into the vast biosphere of potential foods that humanity has been unable to sustainably farm. Through synthetic biology, they lift this limitation and pave the way for a third agricultural revolution, one that is ethical, abundant, and importantly, irresistibly delicious.

Since our last episode with Vow, they have more than doubled in team size and have continued to crush the technical challenges before them with blistering speed.



Marie Gibbons & Soroush Pour - Cultured Meat Future Food Podcast

Marie Gibbons is a well known name in the industry. She recently moved to Sydney from Berkeley, CA to join Vow as a research scientist

As a passionate animal lover and veterinary student-turned-cultured meat researcher, she joined the cellular agriculture field in 2016 in hopes of removing animals from food production. She was granted research fellowships with both New Harvest and the Good Food Institute and spent her graduate studies focusing on large scale cultured poultry production at North Carolina State University and Harvard Medical School. Upon graduation, Marie joined Memphis Meats, now Upside Foods, as the founder of their media development department. There, she spent over 2 years developing scalable, edible, animal component free media for multiple species and cell types. She now works with Vow's incredible team of scientific researchers, engineers, robots, and office dogs to create delicious and exotic cultured meat products using automated, high-throughput platform technology.

Also joining us on the show is Soroush Pour.

Soroush joined Vow as Head of Engineering in February 2020. He founded, built and exited his first software company while an undergrad at Duke University as a fully funded Robertson Scholar. He was one of the first engineers and later engineering managers at San Francisco FinTech API company Plaid as it grew from 15 to 170 people, now worth over $13B. Before joining Vow, Soroush worked as a consultant in the alternative protein industry, doing independent research as well as consulting work supporting multiple alternative protein organizations. His goal is to bring about a food system that can feed billions while protecting the beautiful blue planet we all depend on. At Vow, he and his team create intuitive software and high-throughput robotics to make cultured meat lab R&D drastically faster and less manual than it otherwise would be.


Cultured Meat Future Food

Cell-Cultured Meat Meets Animal-Free Fermented Fat In First-Of-A-Kind Collaboration

Canberra-based animal-free fermented fats startup Nourish and Sydney cell-based meats company Vow will combine the massive potential of their technologies to make the next big think in the alt-protein space.



The fight against climate change including using super seaweed - AdNews

Today’s episode continues our investigation of alternative proteins with the absolute rock-stars Tim Noakesmith and George Peppou, the co-founders of Vow. Vow is a leading Australian company in the global race to create cultured meat (often called cell-based or lab grown meat). Cultured meat has the potential to give us the protein from the animals we’re used to and from some animals we’re not - without the carbon emissions, with minimal land use and with zero animal cruelty.


A Positive Climate

Next on the Menu: Cellular Agriculture Could “Domesticate” Any Animal on the Planet

With cellular agriculture, we may not have to compromise the pleasure of eating for ethics and sustainability. One day, we may be able to taste foods we haven’t even dreamed of. Yet.



Episode S09E06 - VOW’s George Peppou

George Peppou knew nothing about biotech when he co-founded VOW; he’s now well on his way to vat-growing meats that could feed billions around the world. Is biotech fundamentally different – and how has VOW used the best bits of tech startups to accelerate their growth?



Katie Bashant Day: What's it like to develop cultured meat?

Katie has a very different kind of science job, she's a researcher at a cultured meat startup in Sydney called Vow. They're working to not only create sustainable meats in a lab environment, but also to make them even tastier than traditional meat! Katie shares some wonderful advice in this episode, and also sheds some light on some of the food innovations we can look forward to in the coming years!


Avid Research

Aussie Startup Vow Bags US$6M Seed Funding

Australian food tech Vow has announced the closing of an oversubscribed US$6 million seed round, which will go towards expanding its “library” of cultured meats. Unlike other cell-based startups, Vow has cultivated exotic animal meats and is now positioning itself as a sector leader in developing sustainable proteins that “outperform conventional meat” in terms of taste and experience.



George Peppou and Tim Noakesmith, Vow

On today’s episode, we hear from George Peppou and Tim Noakesmith, the co-founders, and CEO & CCO at Vow. In 2019 Vow became the world’s first company to make a food product from the cells of an undomesticated animal, in the form of a Kangaroo Dumpling.
Yes just the cells, meaning no animals were harmed to create that new form


Square Peg Founder Stories

Blackbird-backed Vow serves up lab-grown meat with Neil Perry

Blackbird Ventures-backed startup Vow has taken a significant step towards commercialising its lab-grown meat, with the product trialled by one of Australia's best-known chefs, Neil Perry.

The trial saw Mr Perry serve up six dishes, including kangaroo dumplings, using Vow's products.


Sydney Morning Herald

Dr. James Ryall - Cultured Meat Future Food Podcast

On this episode, Alex Shirazi chats with CSO of Vow, a cultivated meat company based in Australia.

Doctor James Ryall was awarded his PhD in the field of skeletal muscle physiology in 2006 at The University of Melbourne. In 2008 he was awarded a prestigious research fellowship and from 2008-2013 he worked at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD (USA) on a project studying the basic biology of skeletal muscle stem cells and the process of muscle regeneration.


Cultured Meat Future Food

Kangaroo & Zebra Meat? This Australian Food Tech Is Developing Cell-Cultured Exotic Animal Meats

Sydney-based food tech Vow is ramping up innovation in the cell-based meat industry by developing cultured versions of unconventional exotic animal meats.


green queen

Feeding Twice the People on Half the Land

Planetary limits on farming will accelerate a post-meat future. Are plants the only path, or can we grow meat without raising animals? And what does it mean for food when we can grow any meat we want to eat in a brewer’s vat?


The Next Billion Seconds

Cell-based tortoise, yak and lion? Australia's Vow seeks to create exotic cultured products

Australia’s Vow is pledging to take the cell-based sector a step further by creating cultured versions of unconventional exotic animals - such as tortoise, yak and lion.


Food Navigator

Changing the Food Game with George & Tim

Tim and George are two scrappy founders who show anything is possible with the right drive and determination. If they are successful in their mission, Vow will become a cellular-agriculture powerhouse with many brands under their umbrella.




An Australian startup’s efforts to culture meat from kangaroo tissue hints at a future where scientists cultivate exotic fare for adventurous eaters



Is the World Ready for [Checks Notes] Cruelty-Free Zebra Meat?

VOW Foods, which is focusing its efforts on cultivated kangaroo meat, says that it wants to create a "modern Noah's Ark" of cells.




This lab-grown meat could reduce the various impacts of raising animals for slaughter, which is the second-largest source of global warming emissions, as well as save sentient beings from needless cruelty.



Cell Cultured Kangaroo Meat Start-up Granted 25k

“Nature has incredible diversity so there is great potential to create new food experiences. Our cell library will discover and catalogue new flavour, texture and nutritional profiles that we can also combine to create amazing new food experiences.


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An Australian food tech company called VOW has developed the world’s first lab-grown kangaroo meat. It could be available for purchase in the next three years.

The cellular agriculture company uses real animal cells to grow slaughter-free kangaroo mince in a lab in Western Sydney.




Sydney based food company has developed the world's first lab grown Kangaroo meat



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