Meet the Vowzers.

(That’s what we call ourselves. )

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George Peppou

Cofounder & CEO

Ellen Dinsmoor


Ines Lizaur

Head of Manufacturing

Jeroen Boersma

Head of Product & Technology

Shelby Kesselheim

Head of People

Nick Barnes

Head of Finance

Andrew Janis

Global Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Dalia Adler

Head of Marketing

Michael Medynskyj

Facilities Lead

Tim Noakesmith

Cofounder & Director

Kylie Kong

Food Inventor

Stanley Lam

Engineering Manager

Tom Tarento

Manufacturing Technical Lead

Lisa Phan

Process Development Manager

Neel Reddy

Program Manager

Jared Bergman

Process Engineer

Adrian Kotevski

Process Development Associate

Bonnie Tangey

Research Associate

Shaleen Sharma

R&D Engineer

Matthew Edmonds

Process Engineer

Claudia Brown

Process Development Scientist

Adem Kurcan

Food Inventor

Addy Vignaraja

Research Associate

Andrew Gia

Lab and Facility Operations Manager

Eva Carreras Navarro

Research Associate

Varshana Baldeo

Research Associate

Sean Peters

Software Engineer

Victoria Prior

Research Scientist

Jesi Domingo

R&D Engineer

Chris Ford

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Sam Rathbone

Process Development Associate

Sarah Ellice-Flint

Product Manager

Jasper Veen

BizOps Lead

Jessie Nguyen

Office Manager

William Andrew


Anushka Shrestha

Research Associate

Zoe Marandos

Software Engineer

Georgia Sheil

BizOps Associate

Ed Henderson

BizOps Lead

Abner Librata

Process & Quality Engineer

Claire Pierret

Research Officer

Daniel Bautista

Process Development Associate

Tilly Robertson

Research Associate

Sarah Separovich

Marketing Specialist

Manuel Del Valle

Process Development Scientist

Habib Joukhdar

Research Scientist

Ben Ventura

Manufacturing/Research Technician

Ryan Ng

Procurement & Inventory Associate

Rhys Raymond-Jones

Process Development Associate

Daniel Caine

Junior Financial Controller

Kit Kennedy

R&D Team Lead

Kirsten Schnitzler

Manufacturing/Research Technician

Alexander Lara-Watson

Research Associate

Isabella Giles

Research Associate

Tiaan Stals

Software Engineer

Mark Kerollos

Engineering Manager

Felipe Gaitan

Principal Engineer

Leigh Pigram

IT Lead

Scott Fraser

Mechatronics Engineer

Peri Rollason

Laboratory Technical Assistant

Kevin Condon

Food Scientist

Namendra Singh

Manufacturing Operations Lead

Thomas Plumridge

Senior Manager, Global Supply Chain and Procurement

Nick Connell

Regulatory Project Manager

Nicholas Chilton

Senior Government Affairs & Communications Lead

Connagh Redmond

Quality Control Technician

Abhilash Mathews

Principal Machine Learning Scientist

Naya McCartney

Regulatory Safety Scientist

Charlize McKnight

Manufacturing Technician

Thor Bergquist

Manufacturing Technician

Eric Beauvalet

Inventory Associate

Words from our team

How books and a career in business operations led me to love working in cultured meat 🥩

Two years ago I had no idea a book on climate change would result in me road tripping through rural New South Wales to procure an alpaca biopsy.
Ironically, despite my best attempts to take initiative and plan, some of the most significant decisions in my life have been driven by entirely innate, unsuspecting objects: books.

Cultured meat and Australia

A couple of weeks ago we cut the ribbon on Vow’s “Factory 1”, giving us the chance to pause and acknowledge what cultured meat could mean for Australia.
Meat is delicious. Whether you choose to eat meat or not, you know it’s bloody good food.

This is why I, and billions of others, eat meat.

And it’s why a staggering 339 million tonnes of meat were eaten globally in 2021, up 5% from 2020.

Leaving fintech to tackle food sustainability: Why I joined VOW

It was the end of 2017, and I had just experienced some burnout after my first year as an engineering manager at San Francisco financial technology company Plaid. The experience forced me to take some time away from work, head back to my hometown of Sydney, and ask some tough questions about my personal and professional life.
I spent 4 weeks in Australia, with days spent reconnecting with family and old friends, rediscovering my home city, reading, and taking time to rest and recharge. I didn’t entirely stop working, but what I did tackle was mostly creative, high-level exploration that was genuinely enjoyable and valuable.

We're driven by a mission

A multidisciplinary team committed to a sustainable future of food.

Vow is unrestrained. We're the perfect company for switched-on individuals, wide eyed with ambition, who want work that contributes meaningfully, constantly inventing new ways to operate, or conceiving different applications.

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