Social Media Coordinator

We’re looking for a passionate and creative social media coordinator to build out our social media strategy and presence. You’ll have the opportunity to develop a strategic plan for Vow to capture the hearts, minds, and stomachs of millions around the world and to grow an engaged audience of cultured meat fans. Then we’ll turn it over to you to own and execute on this strategy. You’re obsessed with platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, and you nerd out over the idea of growing a brand and sharing a new, exciting story. You’re creative but also analytical and aren’t afraid to use both sides of your brain to test out innovative approaches while relying on numbers and actual performance data to guide ongoing efforts. Please note that this is a casual role to start. If you knock it out of the park, there may be full-time opportunities in the Vowzer family for you in the future.

What you'll do:

  • Research and become an expert on all things relating to social media strategies and building new, disruptive brands.
  • Create and share reports on social media performance and industry benchmarks for other related startups, food companies, and innovative brands.
  • Articulate a plan for Vow to build out an active, engaged audience across multiple social media platforms, including a game plan for which platforms we’ll prioritise and when.
  • Create amazing content (e.g., tweets, videos, images) for our social media platforms.
  • Write longer form blog posts and articles for Vow.
  • Collaborate with others across Vow to collect and share top-notch content and to feature the Vow team and its worth across our platforms.
  • Measure and iterate on social media campaigns to drive continuous engagement and growth in our followers.
  • Manage communication within our social media platforms (e.g., respond to incoming messages, comments)

In return, we will support you with:

  • A productive, safe, supportive and collaborative work environment.
  • Active transparency to let you actively contribute to every facet of the business.
  • No legacy overheads -- the freedom to define the best approach to solving problems, both technically and organisationally.
  • High-stakes work that matters deeply to the company and the world. A mission for you to sink your skills and passion into.
  • Ongoing career support, weekly 1:1s and feedback from leadership, and access to learning and development opportunities.

About you:

  • You're mission aligned, and care that you’re building something that solves huge problems.
  • You care deeply about the environment and want to be part of a company that’s working towards shifting the way our food is produced and its impact on the globe.
  • You’re obsessed with social media platforms and are always looking for new, inspirational brands and stories.
  • You’re scrappy and aren’t afraid of building something from scratch.
  • You’re amazingly attentive to detail. No grammar or spelling errors will escape your eyes.
  • You’re a people person and love communicating and sharing ideas, compelling stories, and experiences with others.

Required experience / skills:

  • Studying or a degree in journalism, marketing, communications or media.
  • Understanding or strong interest in digital marketing and social media comms.
  • Experience with Canva / Photoshop and video editing tools.
  • Ability to use (or willingness to quickly learn) platforms like Buffer and Hootsuite.
  • Strong writing skills and attention to detail.
  • Experience growing social media accounts and developing a compelling story and brand, even if they’re your own!


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