Junior Research Scientist (6-month program)

This is a 6-month program running from August 15th 2021 to February 15th 2022. Applications close midnight June 21st 2021.

About Vow

Vow is a food company -- a very different one. We’re creating real meat products from animal cells, instead of the animal itself. We’re bringing together cutting edge innovations in science, engineering, culinary and design to make sustainable food that’s both irresistible and available to billions of people worldwide.

The work that we are doing is a critical step on the path to creating a future where humans can exist in sustainable harmony with our planet. A world we can proudly hand over to our children and grandchildren. We are achieving this by creating sustainable food that is the most delicious, desirable choice of anything available. This is a mission we believe in deeply.

We have a fast growing team of nearly 30 hard-working people who genuinely look out for each other and are fully funded by two of Australia's most successful venture capital firms.

Since Vow began we have believed that some of the most capable scientists are early in their career, and that they will grow faster working in a startup. We introduced our Junior Research Scientist Program (JRS) to give graduates a pathway into cultured meat.

This is the fourth iteration of our Junior Research Scientist (JRS) program. Since December 2019 eight scientists have joined Vow through this program, each contributing to Vow’s long term vision. Though this program is based in our science team, it is suitable for anyone passionate about changing the way billions eat. Our previous JRS alumni have come from fields as broad as the biological sciences, veterinary sciences and engineering.  

Vow has always been committed to helping people from a diverse range of backgrounds get experience in the developing field of cellular agriculture. If you are passionate about animals, care about the climate or simply excited by how cultured meat might change the way we eat and you are looking for a way to get involved, we would love to hear from you!

About the program

This program is a way to allow some of the brightest young scientists and engineers to make a meaningful contribution towards achieving sustainable and scalable cultured meat. It is a chance to contribute to some of the most important and impactful R&D in the world today.

Over the six months of this paid program you have the opportunity to work on at least two project teams within Vow, contributing to scientific discoveries in  everything from cell biology to designing bioreactors. During this time you will get the opportunity to be mentored by some of the world’s best researchers in the area of cultured meat, enabling you to become autonomous and efficient at planning and executing scientific studies in a fast paced and rewarding startup environment.

By the end of this six-month program, you will be able to see both the important contributions made to Vow’s mission and the immense professional growth you have achieved in such a short time. Startups can be a great career accelerator, and we know from previous JRS cohorts that you will grow more in six months at Vow than in years in other labs.

What you'll learn:

* How to maintain both suspension and adherent cell cultures.

* How to carry out isolation, purification, culture and freezing of several different cell types from a vast range of species.

* How to assist in the smooth day-to-day running of the laboratory.

* How to collect, analyse, interpret, and present experimental data.

* Specialised skills and techniques unique to the cellular agriculture industry.

At the completion of the six-month program you will be confident to:-

* Contribute to scientific ideation, planning and road-mapping.

* Design your own experiments.

* Own and present the experimental results to the team

Selection criteria:

The one thing that we are looking for in JRS candidates is initiative and the desire to always keep improving. This means we want you to be excited about your daily contributions to our mission, so excited that you are constantly looking for ways to make processes more efficient and advance Vow’s mission. In addition to these attributes we are looking for candidates who are:

* Self-starters [the ability to go one step further instead of waiting for the call to action).

* Coachable [we want to know that you are open to feedback and committed to learning]

* Great communicators [we want you to be able to articulate a problem or an idea in a manner that is clear, timely and constructive]

* Insanely curious [this is something we expect from everyone at Vow, we want you to be excited about asking questions and soaking up as much knowledge as you can]

PLEASE NOTE: Australian residency or work permit required for this program.

While this is a six-month program, any JRS candidate who is deemed exceptional will be offered an ongoing contract to join Vow on a full-time basis.

Ultimately this role will be shaped around the right candidate. If you love the mission and have evidence that you can make a strong contribution towards it, we want to speak to you.

Vow’s mission is to make food products for everyone, and we mean everyone. To do that well we need a workforce that’s representative of the people we serve. We celebrate multiple approaches and points of view, we are inclusive and we believe diversity drives innovation - so we’re building a culture to match. Uniqueness is powerful - be yourself and come as you are.

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