Culinary Creative Director

You are Vow's culinary creative director. You are obsessed with creating 'the new' in food. You understand that food is a series of building blocks, and you embrace the character of your source ingredients.

About Vow

Vow is a food company -- a very different one. We’re creating real meat products from animal cells, instead of the animal itself. We’re bringing together cutting edge innovations in science, engineering, culinary and design to make sustainable food that’s both irresistible and available to billions of people worldwide.

The work that we are doing is a critical step on the path to creating a future where humans can exist in sustainable harmony with our planet. A world we can proudly hand over to our children and grandchildren. We are achieving this by creating sustainable food that is the most delicious, desirable choice of anything available. This is a mission we believe in deeply.

We have a fast growing team of 17 hard-working people who genuinely look out for each other and are fully funded by two of Australia's most successful venture capital firms.

About the opportunity

You are Vow's culinary creative director. You are obsessed with creating 'the new' in food. You understand that food is a series of building blocks, and you embrace the character of your source ingredients.

Your role will be directly shaping the new foods eaten by billions of people over the coming years and decades. This is your chance to make your enduring mark on the food for billions of people.

You are food obsessed. Your friends would describe you as addicted. You cook something new every night. Constantly challenging the norms, trying the new. Your cookbook shelf is creaking under the weight of too many books and you still have piles of cookbooks all over your house.

But you are much more than just a foodie, you are a polymath. Constantly learning about different fields. You have likely drawn inspiration from science, art or music into cooking. You always have two or three hobbies on the side and love picking up a new one.

You are intensely obsessed with the new and different. You are a maker, a creator. When you become interested in something you are impatient to get started.

You will be working alongside a team of incredible biologists, engineers, food technologists and designers to turn early cultured meat concepts you will create into products eaten by billions. You will know (or learn) food down to a molecular level.

This is an incredible time to join Vow and build our culinary team, an indispensable part of our work. The earth's current food systems are not sustainable and solving this and you'll help this issue alongside the rest of the team at Vow. Come and make the positive impact that you were born to make., enshrine yourself in the history of food.

What you'll do:

  • Work in Vow's new test kitchen to experiment with new ingredients, textures and accompaniments for entirely new forms of cultured meat products.
  • Develop and refine new cooking methods.
  • Formulate Vow's products to create exceptional food experiences.
  • Measure quality of food you create using both sensory panels and analytical tools.
  • Work with our chef partners to show them the enormous potential of cultured meat.

In return, we will support you with:

  • We’ll work tirelessly to provide you a productive, safe, supportive and collaborative work environment.
  • Active transparency to let you actively contribute to every facet of the business.
  • Access to gym facilities.
  • No legacy overheads -- the freedom to define the best approach to solving problems, both technically and organisationally.
  • The resources you need to succeed
  • High-stakes work that matters deeply to the company and the world. A mission for you to sink your skills and passion into.
  • Opportunities for meaningful ownership including equity ownership in the company.

About you:

  • You're someone who cares deeply about Vow's mission, whether that is for the environment, animal welfare or reinventing food.
  • You are a polymath who absolutely loves food. You may be a chef, a food scientist or an obsessive (and successful) cook.
  • You have great verbal communication skills, the ability to inspire others with the potential of cultured meat.

Ultimately this role will be shaped around the right candidate. If you love the mission and want to work on some of the most exciting and impactful problems on the planet today we want to speak to you.

Vow’s mission is to make food products for everyone, and we mean everyone. To do that well we need a workforce that’s representative of the people we serve. We celebrate multiple approaches and points of view, we are inclusive and we believe diversity drives innovation - so we’re building a culture to match. Uniqueness is powerful - be yourself and come as you are.

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